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Q. Is there a Gotta’ go version for women?
A. Women can use any of the Gotta’ go devices in conjunction with a “female urinal” device.

Q. How does one clean the Gotta’ go?
A. Gotta’ go is cleaned with a solution of hot or warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly.

Q. Is Gotta’ go washable?
A. Yes, Gotta’ go is completely washable. It can be machine washed in warm or cold water using the “delicate” cycle.

Q. Are any parts of Gotta’ go replaceable?
A. The collection bag is replaceable on all versions except the “Basic” model.

Q. How does one empty the collection bag?
A. To drain the collection bag, remove the leg strap and turn the knob at the bottom of the bag.

Q. Can Gotta’ go be used while lying in bed?
A. Gotta’ go works by gravity and therefore the collection bag must be lower than the bed mattress.

Q. Must Gotta’ go be sanitized?
A. Gotta’ go can be sanitized with hot water and soap, but since it is not invasive additional sanitation measures are unnecessary and there is little to no risk of infection.

Q. Is there any pain to be expected while using Gotta’ go?
A. No, Gotta’ go remains outside the body and is worn like underwear or a male jockey strap.

Q. Will Gotta’ go users experience any type of “mess”?
A. No, the brief and/or male jock strap keeps the Gotta’ go in place.